The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind


ESTOY EN GUATEMALA!!!! ES MUY AWESOME-O!!! Anyhoo, God’s been so awesome to me and it’s just so amazing to see the sheer wonder of His creation all around me and to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ here as we minister to the people at our sites. I’m in the Appropriate Technology site, and so far, my team and I have finished 2 stoves for some families in a town called Santa Maria de Jesus. One family we built a stove for had over 25 people living in a very small house. It was quite an impressive sight. Also, the people that came on this trip are just awesome. The passion they all have for the Lord and the Lord’s work are absolutely inspiring. Like today, for instance. After we got back from our sites, me and two of my good friends sat outside our room with our Bibles and guitars and opened up to some passages in Psalms and just started singin em. It was awesome!! Also every night at clean up time, me and my friends are all singin our hearts out to God while we’re cleaning the dishes. Basically, this whole trip has simply been amazing and I can’t wait to see how God’s gonna move in us and through us for the rest of our time here. God bless you all and I’ll tell ya more about it all later!!

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