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Guate ’07 Thoughts

God moved in mighty ways this year in Guatemala. The group this year had to have been hand-picked by God Himself because we meshed so perfectly from the very first meeting with both schools. Each member of the team this year was just so overwhelmingly in love with and on fire for God. It was amazing !! While we were on the trip, every chance someone got they would pray for someone else. I’ve never seen a group that was so willing and open to prayer as this one. I mean, one second, you would ask someone to pray for you, and the next second they were lifting your requests up to God with you. Sometimes, you didn’t even have to ask because they would take the initiative to pray with you. Also, I wanted to wash dishes (I know, crazy, right ?), and did even when it wasn’t technically my turn to, because of the spirit of fellowship that was present all the time, and because instead of complaining, we praised the Lord through singing while we worked. It was amazing; it seemed like PJ was willing to sing to the Lord all the time and just randomly broke into song, to be joined shortly by everyone else around.

Speaking of PJ, both he and Jordan really encouraged me throughout the whole trip. We were like the Three Musketeers. For instance, one night I pulled PJ and Jordan aside to ask for prayer, and what happened next was one of the high points of the whole trip: not only did they pray for me, but then we sat down and talked for about an hour about the stuff that we were dealing with, and guess what…they were going through the exact same thing I was at the time and we got to pray for each other and encourage each other as only brothers-in-arms can. We all picked our three biggest struggles and found verses to help us when we dealt with those struggles. Then the very next day, the struggles reared their ugly heads, but we were armed to the teeth with Scripture and were able to deal with them. It was an amazing feeling !!

Something that left me speechless once again this year was seeing the resolve that our site leaders had. Hector, like always, amazed me with the strength of his faith. Another high point was one night around the campfire, when Hector, my site leader last year, shared how impressed he was with how much more mature I was spiritually this year than last. Just to set something straight: I’m not bragging on me, I’m bragging on God. Apparently, God hadn’t stopped working in me since I got back last year, and it completely floored me to hear him say that; I can’t even describe the feeling that pulsed through me. It was a mixture of humility, joy, honor, awe, and a million other things and it just left me speechless. All I could do was smile. Going with him to his church on last Sunday was amazing too. Even though everything was in Spanish, something in my Spirit was awakened that I didn’t even realize had been sleeping. When they sang the song “This Is My Desire,” God really tugged on my heartstrings. I was just overwhelmed and had to sit down. I closed my eyes and just cried out to God with everything I had. It was amazing and I felt so free afterwards.

Another thing that inspired me was seeing Margarito’s drive to help his people in Santa Maria de Jesus. He was my site leader this year, and he is a genious. I mean, he could be the next Thomas Edison. He made a machine to cut metal out of old car parts and a saw, among other things. Margarito’s been blessed with a gift, and I’m glad I got to spend time with him this year. He’s built over 75 stoves and at least a hundred cisterns for the people of Santa Maria and through them, it opens the door to share the gospel with the people. He’s working on building water filters for each of the cisterns now, while still building more stoves and cisterns as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I returned and the whole town of Santa Maria de Jesus had converted to Christianity and Margarito was the mayor. With how popular he is among the people there, he could very well become mayor if he wanted to, but for now, God’s leading him to keep helping the people, and that’s what he’s going to keep doing until the Lord says otherwise. Seeing his drive inspired me to do more for my people here at home.

The mission field is all around us, guys, and it’s our job to reach our communities and our nation for Him. He has placed us where we are for a reason, and that reason is to further His kingdom in the way that only we can. People’s ways of witnessing are as different as the people themselves, and it’s that diversity that makes the body of Christ so strong.

God just moved in amazing ways, and I hunger and thirst after Him now more than ever. I need that Word from above every day to live. I can’t live without it. He is SO much better than anything else in this world, and He is SO AWESOME !!!! Also, by reading the Word more, I’m better equipped to resist the darts that Satan’s been throwing at me. The temptation has been powerful, but through Him, I’ve been able to resist. He has blessed me so much this year, and even though I don’t know exactly what to expect, I can’t wait to see how He’s gonna move in me and use me in the future. It’s gettin late, so I better sign off, but until next time, keep looking up and God bless you all !!

Tu hermano en Jesus,
– Brian Morgan

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