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A Blast from the Past

I was listening to the song “Take it All” by Hillsong United and it brought me right back to Brasil. In the church services there, it was one of the favorites, not in English, but in Portuguese. Tonight I re-found the lyrics in Portuguese and a video as well, so I felt like posting them. It filled my heart with joy to once again hear the song in Portuguese and sing along (yes, I said sing along…I helped lead worship during part of the trip after all). I’ll post the lyrics in Portuguese with the English equivalent underneath them in red. Now granted, it’s not a direct translation, but you get the idea. I’ll also post the video of the Portuguese version. Enjoy and God bless!!

– Brian


Tudo É Teu – take it all Lyrics

De todo lugar, perdidos virão
Searching the world, the lost will be found
Em uma só voz livres vamos cantar
In freedom we live, as one we cry out
Levaste a cruz, morreste e vivo estás
You carried the cross, You died and rose again
Meu Deus, meu todo sempre te darei
My God, I’ll only ever give my all

Mandaste Jesus do céu até nós
You sent Your Son from heaven to earth
A todos livrou sempre se ouvirá
You delievered us all, it’s eternally heard
Busquei a verdade, a Ti eu encontrei
I searched for truth, and all I found was You
Meu Deus, meu tudo sempre te darei
My God, I’ll only ever give my all

Jesus, por ti eu viverei
Jesus, we’re living for Your name
Nunca me envergonharei, ô ô ô
We’ll never be ashamed of You, Oh Oh Oh
Meu ser e todo meu louvor
Our praise, and all we are today
Teu, teu tudo é teu
Take, Take, Take it all
Teu, teu tudo é teu
Take, Take, Take it all

Busco a Ti e agora posso ver
Running to the One Who heals the blind
Seguirei a tua luz
Following the shining light
Pois em tuas mãos está Senhor a salvação
In You hands the power to save the world, my life


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