The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom:

A freedom that shakes the very foundations of the earth
And breaks the heaviest shackles,
One that offers hope, peace, and life abundant
That brightens our eyes, fills our hearts, blesses our lives,
And causes all fear to fade along with the night.

A freedom so amazing and unimaginable
That none can comprehend it,
Nor obtain it on their own.

A freedom like this must be given, not earned.
A freedom like this must be accepted, and not taken for granted.
A freedom like this came with the heaviest of all prices,
Yet is offered absolutely freely.

This freedom cannot be broken in the toughest prisons,
Conquered by the strongest armies,
Nor destroyed by the deadliest of weapons we can create.
For you see, we did not create this freedom,
Nor do we control the One Who offers it.

The One Who offers it is above all,
Beyond imagination,
And completely superior over everything in the universe,
For He created the universe and the very essence of life.

He created this freedom through His victory over sin on the cross.

This freedom captivates the soul,
Lifts the heaviest burdens,
And showers us with the highest of all mercy and grace.

It can be received by the richest rulers
Or by the poorest beggars.

This freedom is impartial.
This freedom is inconceivable.
This freedom is indestructible!

No words can express the feeling in the depths of one’s soul
When this freedom takes over.

Through this freedom, dreams take flight.
Through this freedom, lives are given meaning.
Through this freedom, tension is completely released.
Through this freedom, worry is apprehended, wounds are mended, and wrath is ended.

There are no words to describe this freedom,
As there are no words to describe its Giver.

In this freedom lies neverending joy.
In this freedom lies the greatest of all gifts.
In this freedom lies release.
In this freedom lies freedom.

2 responses

  1. tom bailey

    may freedom not just ring but SHAKE …back with the POWER of God’s Rock and Roll!

    “GLOBAL ROCK” – is what i am discovering.

    June 30, 2008 at 23:44

  2. Adam

    Thank God that He grants us His Spirit to obtain this amazing freedom. great work of art man

    July 29, 2008 at 10:33

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