The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind


Loving, faithful, kind, and true,
The One before me stands.
With a mighty arm He guides the breeze,
And holds me in His hands.

His voice, more powerful than the sea,
Leads me to springs of life.
His face, more brilliant than the sun
Outshines in the darkest night.

With a gentle word, He leads His flock
Into the greenest fields.
He heals the sick and crippled ones
And is their Rock and Shield.

His eyes are ever on this child,
Though sometimes I can’t see.
He can conquer any storm,
Even the one in me.

So, as I lay me down to sleep,
I bow my head to pray
And exalt the One Who gives me life
Each evening and each day.

2 responses

  1. kenneth

    great imagery. beautiful

    August 26, 2008 at 00:33

  2. eowynfair

    This is probably one of my favorites. You should write these down in a book.

    April 28, 2009 at 00:24

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