The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind

If I Lost Everything

If I lost everything I had
Tomorrow or today,
Would I sit and talk a while
Or simply fade away?

Would I still trust the unseen Hand
Or would I lose my way
If everything I knew and loved was gone
In a second or a day?

Would I turn to earthly pleasures
Or seek rest where it can be found
If all my dreams at once were shattered
And I lay broken on the ground?

If all the ones I loved
At once just vanished from my sight,
Would I push on through the pain
Or would I seek to end my life?

Would you still be there with me, friend
If I sunk into despair,
Or would you turn your back and leave me
Struggling just to breathe the air?

Could Grace and Mercy be enough
Or would I simply see
Them as broken old religion
And a painful mockery?

Would Love at once be skewed
Or could I keep my head on straight
If my life’s familiarity
Left me screaming at the gate?

Could I press on? Would I press on?
Or simply vegetate
If everything I know would disappear
In some twisted act of fate?

If all I hoped would never come true
Appeared before my eyes,
Would I try to turn some stones to bread
Or trust Him Who paints the skies?

I pray that I could truly say
“He gives and takes away”
Instead of turning my back on Him
Who puts breath in my lungs today.

I pray also for you, my friend.
Consider what you would do
If, by chance, instead of me,
All this happened to you.

2 responses

  1. kennethm57


    August 28, 2008 at 02:58

  2. eowynfair

    Wow. If all that happened to me…I don’t know what I’d do. I quite enjoy reading your blogs. They make me think, and give me a little glimps into your mind.

    April 28, 2009 at 00:40

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