The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind

The Lamb

I cannot describe
This feeling inside
That breaks my heart tonight.

You were wrongly accused,
Beaten, battered, and bruised,
But You refused to fight.

Your beautiful face,
Marred and disgraced,
Cringed with every blow.

Glory laid down
To accept a crown
Of thorns here on earth below.

Your mighty hands
Stretched out the lands,
But surrendered to the cross.

Your precious blood,
A mighty flood,
Flowed to ransom the lost.

My sins are all borne
And my soul is reborn
As Your Grace abounds to me.

Hope shines in the night
And dark becomes light
As Your face becomes all I can see.

So I sit and I pray
That I’ll soon see the day
When Your life is the one that I live.

But until that is true,
I’ll do all I can do
To make Your life known as I give.

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