The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind


The LORD is mighty and rules over all!
The LORD is worthy, which leads me to fall
Upon my knees when I see HIS face.
He blows me away with the depths of HIS grace.

How do you describe the indescribable?
How do you escape the inescapable?
How do you explain the unexplainable?
How do you bless the Possessor of all?

What songs could I sing, what gifts could I bring
To express the love in my heart?
How unworthy I am even to speak HIS name,
Yet HE loved me even BEFORE the start.

What can be said that HE has not said?
What can be done that HE has not done?
What can be offered that HE has not given?
Where can I go to escape from HIS love?

Why did HE choose me?
Why does HE care?
What moved HIS heart
So much that HE would dare
To die for my sins
And break all my chains?
What can I bring
To glorify HIS name?

LORD, YOU’re awesome, beautiful, and completely delightful.
YOU’re eternal, faithful, good, and HOLY!!

YOU’re invincible, just, Kingly, and loving.
YOU are mighty, near, and omni-everything!

YOU are precious, quick to help, righteous, and sweet,
Transcendent, unbelievable, venerable, and worthy!

YOU’re excellent, yet humble, and zealous for me,
YOU’re my SAVIOR; victorious, and wonderful KING!

YOUR presence is undeniable,
YOUR depths are unsearchable.

YOUR arm is unshrinkable,
YOUR grasp is unshakable.

YOUR power is unparalleled,
YOUR passion, uncontainable.

YOUR love never ends,
And YOU’re always available.

No words can describe YOU,
Yet YOU still hear our cries.

YOU are near to YOUR children,
Yet, dwell far beyond the skies.

YOU spoke all things into existence,
Yet YOU still speak to my heart.

I have no words to say,
Save these: “My GOD, how great THOU art!!”

One response

  1. Amen brother, amen. Nicely said.

    August 13, 2009 at 02:39

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