The deep inner workings of a beggar's mind

Pt. I – Overview

Alright everyone, listen up and listen good. I’m a Christian saved by grace, not by what I’ve done. My righteousness is as filthy rags in comparison with the Lord of all the earth. My Maker is also my Savior, and I’m not ashamed of it at all. In fact, He’s the best thing in my life, and always will be. No matter what may come, I know that through His strength I can press on, and my desire is to live solely for God’s glory and to further His Kingdom here on the earth.

Now that you know what my basic stance is, here’s a few others I’ve heard along the way:

[1] “Heaven is only an incentive to act good in life, and Hell is just a scary bedtime story. They do not really exist. God is just a fairy tale character, and does not really exist either.”
[2] “Only the strongest survive.”
[3] “When one dies, their soul returns to earth in another body and lives out another lifetime. If they are good, perhaps they will return as a king. If they are bad, perhaps they will come back as a bug.”
[4] “Nothing exists but the here and now.”
[5] “It doesn’t really matter what I believe, because all roads lead to Heaven.”
[6] “I want to go to Hell because it’s gonna be a huge party.”
[7] “I cannot see how a ‘good God’ would send people to Hell.”
[8] “I’m in church all the time. I give a tenth of all my money to the church. I don’t kill, steal, or do anything terrible like that. I’m a good person, so God is gonna let me in.”
[9] “Science proves there is no god and humans evolved from a single-celled organism floating around in the primordial soup.”

None of these seem to provide a satisfactory ending to our lives here on earth. The only “religion” that makes sense to me in light of all the evidence is the Christianity of the Bible. In the following parts in this series, I will attempt to show you why I believe what I believe and hope that it will make you think about what you believe as well.


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