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Pt. II – The Existence of God

Now we’re diving in to the important stuff. How do I know God exists? I posted a blog similar to this one earlier, but it’s collecting dust. I figured a re-vamp is in order, so here I go, all the info in the other one and more!! Happy trails people!!

– Brian

There’s 4 different arguments I’m going to introduce to you in this one. Just stay with me (all are taken from the book Why So Many Gods? by Tim Baker and Kate Etue, because I cannot think of an easier way to describe them):

“If you were walking around in the forest and stumbled on a Rolex, would you think to yourself ‘Wow! It’s amazing how this watch just formed itself from nothing out here in the middle of nature!’ No. You would say ‘Cool. Some rich guy lost his watch and now it’s mine.’ But really, you would assume it was purchased at a store that got it from a warehouse where some guy works on an assembly line making them all day long. What’s the point, you ask? Things with intricate design point to a creator. The universe is pretty intricately designed, who made it? God. (The Big Bang, etc., doesn’t hold up here. If a printing press exploded, do you really think Webster’s Dictionary would just form from all the letters they’ve got sitting around in there?)”

“God, by definition, is perfect. Or, God, in order to be God, must be perfect. In order to be perfect, He has to be perfect at everything. That means He must be perfect at existence. So, in order for God to be God, He has to exist. He can’t have started the world then disappeared or anything like that. Because God is perfection, He must exist.”

“Ok, everything that happens has to have had a cause. Your car moves because you started the engine. The engine started because the key turned. The key turned because…and on and on. The world and our existence have to have a cause. There has to be a final cause-one thing that started everything-for it all to make sense. In order for it to be final, it has to be perfect. That cause has to be perfect. Voila! God.”

“You learn in high school the second law of thermodynamics. The amount of energy in something is decreasing – we’re moving from a state of order into a state of chaos. That means that at the very beginning, there must have been a state of order. (This law also disproves evolution-we aren’t moving from disorder to order.) So, way back when, there must have been perfect order. Chaos now, perfect order at the beginning. Once again, the only answer is God.”

That’s that. In closing, I would like to ask, “Have you ever heard of Pascal’s Wager?” Whether or not you have, it basically says this: “If God exists, I’d better believe in Him. If He doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t hurt me to believe in Him while I’m alive, so I might as well believe.” I do hope this has made you think a little bit. Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to follow this series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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  1. You know, I’ve thought of that before…if I’m wrong and there is no God and only oblivion after death, I’ve lost nothing. But if I determine that God is only a figment of Christianity’s imagination and it turns out that God, hell and judgement are in fact real, then I’ve lost everything. I just never knew it was Pascal’s Wager. lol.

    October 7, 2008 at 11:26

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